Executive Experience

1966 - presentCambridge Computer Associates, Inc.,
Cambridge, MA
Founder of company, responsible for setting corporate goals, marketing, sales, staffing, and on-going opporations.

1994 - presentThe Arcon Group, Inc.
New York, New York
Vice President
Responsible for the computer science components of Arcon's product offerings. Contributes to corporate strategy and direction.

1999 - present
New York, New York
Vice President
1994 - presentA medical instrument firm
Greater Boston Ma
Retained to assess system and help ascertain internal staffing needs and resolve relations with external contractors developing new hematology system that classifies blood cells from digital images acquired using a computer controlled electron microscope.

1993The Adelie Corporation
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Acting CEO
Retained by the Board of Directors of this venture funded start-up to run the company and help recruit a permanent president. Functioned as CEO for about one half year.

1988-1990Cambridge Parallel Processors
Cambridge, MA
President and CEO
Recruited executive staff, started patent process, wrote business plan, and raised in excess of $15,000,000 of venture capital for start-up company. The company offered an innovative hardware architecture for massively parellel computers.

1963-1966 New England Education Data Systems,
Harvard University, Graduate School of Education, M
Cambridge, MA
Director of Research and Development
Recruited and led a team of programmers and analysts who created a suite of applications to automate secondary school data processing needs.