Strategic Planning - Hardware/Software Consultation

Startup Company Planning/Scheduling

Hardware/Software Selection

For a large university, performed an analysis of present and future computing requirements. Surveyed available resources and made recommendations on the appropriate hardware, software, staffing, and functionality.

PL/I Compiler Feasibility Study

Served as consultant to a large manufacturer interested in developing a compiler on the IBM System/3 for a subset of the PL/I language.

Consultation on Marketing of Software

For a manufacturer of medical electronic instrumentation, consulted with company management to help determine the viability of marketing a software package developed for the manufacturer's use by their own in-house data processing staff.

Resource Allocation

For a social welfare agency, advised on the reorganization of hardware, software, and personnel resources of the statistical research and data processing departments.

Software for Research Applications

Conducted seminars at three European universities to advise social scientists of the application of specific software systems to their research problems.